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Building Airstream cabinets for your vintage trailer restoration can be a bit daunting. Woodworking is a skill that people learn over many years.

My method usually consists of measuring, cutting, then immediately throwing that piece of wood away, re-measuring and cutting again! Sometimes, I like to repeat this process 3 or 4 times. Woodworking is tough stuff! Heck, I like a lot of stuff from Ikea myself. Unrestored Airstream Globetrotter Interior. They were made with very thin plywood and typically fit into small aluminum channels and were nailed together.

When you start a vintage trailer project, I suggest you be very careful when removing these parts because you may want to reuse them or at least use them for templates.

airstream ikea

In this project, the layout was completely changing. Plus, the wood itself had become very smelly! Years of rot had taken its toll. Once the trailer was empty, I started building the cabinets. For this trailer, we knew we wanted a dresser of some kind, a wardrobe closet, a bathroom cabinet, the kitchen and finally, the front dinette area.

These include the furnace, the electric panel and more. Once the cabinets were in, we decided to paint them. But, that was that. I should have stained them in the first place. For now, I can live with the cabinets the way they are. The biggest gripe I have is that we painted the cabinets black so dust and dirt shows up really well, both in person and in a photo. No cracks or breakage yet.

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I hope they stay put for a long, long time. Home Airstream Building Airstream Cabinets. Airstream Airstream Restoration. Spread the love. Dresser and oven cabinet in progress. Dresser Mrs. TCP built. Unpainted Airstream Cabinets. Bathroom Cabinet.If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our RVer's Newsletter or check out our main website. Thanks for visiting! Airstream renovation is often times a long, crazy adventure that never quite ends.

One of the perks of Airstreams is being able to haul your home with you wherever you go. These days you can find tons of different styles at varying prices to match your budget and your ideal look.

IKEA + RV = True Love

Modern Airstreams differ from classic Airstreams by having an airy open feel. Lighten up your small space with bright vibrant wall paint. Painting over stripped aluminum is a project in itself but well worth the results. Bright whites, sunny pastels, and vivid tints can make all the difference in a small space! There are several routes to revamping your countertops. Instead of going the traditional vinyl route, why not mix it up with stainless steel panels, wooden butcher blocks, or even concrete!

Airstream renovation is all about maximizing your space and using what little of it you have to the best of your abilities. My college freshman dorm room, a 10ft x 12ft box of a room, was only livable because my roommate and I had two pullout couch beds with storage bins underneath.

airstream ikea

Maybe we insulated the storage bins with trash bags and used them as beer coolers. If your Airstream is aluminum paneled then you should make the most of magnets. These strips are great for the curved walls of your Airstream. Hang shower caddies, hooks, shoe organizers, and more with suction cups- they work great with aluminum interiors and will hold your odds and ends all over the house! Create a unique kitchen wall splash with laminate, chalkboard paint, or fancy tile.

Not only will this small tweak make a huge aesthetic difference but it also makes cleanup easier. Use those nifty wine glass holder racks to hang your pot lids. Organization at its most resourceful! Snip a shoe organizer and use the compartments with suction cup hooks to maximize storage anywhere. Insulate the underside of your bed with cushioned floor mats from ruggedtimes.Jordan Menzel went out for a bike ride around downtown Salt Lake City one afternoon and saw an Airstream trailer parked on the side of the road.

I looked high and low and landed a dream spot with a good friend. After a few texts, the Airstream had found its home. Fantastic job, but geesh That IS erratic. Laughing as I ponder his future conflicts with a little girl in tow pardon the pun.

He "hates clutter. Good luck with that I have a question for Jordan Menzel about remodeling the Airstream that he lives inside. Did u strip the walls down to the interior studs and replace the electrical wiring and place a fuse box like a house? What type of studs were in the wall? And do u mean propane gas? Instantaneous water heater? Do you have heat n what type? Also what are the inner walls made of? They look so smooth like thin sheets of laminate with no seams, so does the ceiling.

Was this the old airstream wood repainted? What about your grey water from sinks n bathing do u have a holding tank to empty some where? My son has an older model travel trailer he is thinking of remodeling and trying to figure it all out.

Your is beautiful and I like the long counter idea that u did that is so multi- functional. Sorry for so many specific questions. Where we live in WV, you need heat and air conditioning sometimes both in one day.

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Thank you so much, Meanjeanaco aol. I would like to also see the answers to all those good questions. Loved the stove oven and your daughters name. Since summer I own an old Chevy Van, in which I plan to build a realy '70's old skool interior. The makeover of this Airstream is really inspring for the things I myself have in my head for my Van.

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Great job!There is so many Airstream Trailer owner that really enjoy life on the road, their need makeover, remodel and hacks their Air Stream Trailer to make it better and much enjoyable. Travel trailers are definitely the most common tow-able camping trailer in America. A heavy-duty truck think costlier, pricier truck is necessary to pull them, which increases the cost of having a fifth wheel. It is dependent on the kind of vehicle an individual requires for traveling.

Obviously, the bigger the travel trailer you get the bigger the towing vehicle will need to be, a vital factor to stay in mind. You can search at several dealerships online too, or you may try to find some ideas on online Airstream forums.

If something should happen to the aluminum trailer it is not going to be as simple to repair. Trailers are a significant part of transferring goods or materials required for certain purposes. Additionally, it is essential not to purchase the very first trailer that you see, take some time to check at many diverse makes and models before deciding. One ought to know which hitch can be used with his bike model. Trailers are the same.

This one of a sort shape trailer is frequently used for camping. Look about for a discount before settling on an Airstream to purchase. The Airstream is not anywhere near the classic truck-based RV. From the minute you obtain an Airstream you turn into part of a distinctive community of Airstream enthusiasts. Fifth wheel campers generally have awesome kitchen places.

As a way to make sure your highest possible comfort and safety, it is extremely important to continue to keep your motorhome in excellent repair in the least times. An ordinary motorhome is normally likely to cost more than a mean travel trailer but there are a number of exceptions. From kitchen renovation and pool design to bathroom ideas and office design.

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Ad Blocker Detected Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.We are a good four solid months into living with a tiny kitchen.

The kitchen is the area of the trailer we get asked about most so I figured a tour of the kitchen was in order. We opted against permanent appliances. I never bake and rarely used our home oven. In the Airstream, we have a 5 quart slow cookeran induction cooktop and a Vitamix.

Our cabinets are from Ikea and were fitted for the space— Sektion and the finish is Veddinge. The countertop is also from Ikea. The rug is from Riverton Vintage.

When I use the cutting board, I usually have it on straddling the sink so I can easily toss stuff in the sink.

The only part of the kitchen that is original are the overhead cabinets. One half is the Airstream control panel and the other half is where I keep our spices and such.

One thing I still want to do is add dividers to this area. Every time we move the trailer everything in here falls down. This is our induction cooktop in action. We mostly use it for making rice or quinoa and heating up leftovers like Chinese food or pasta. It heats up wicked fast and boils water in no time.

Our sink is from Ikea.

airstream ikea

It does take up precious counter space so if I had to do over again I probably would have bought a single basin regular sink. Not to mention, the sink is pretty badly scratched after only four months of use I know, I know…Ikea. I also have a large cutting board that stays on the kitchen counter when not in use.Oh, IKEA.

You have my heart. Your sleek lines. Your simplicity. You're clever storage. You and I are best friends, didn't you know? You have made my life so much easier. I remember our first meeting like it was yesterday. My husband and I drove 3.

We shopped for several hours for our new tiny home on wheels. My husband litterly had to run and push boxes into our vehicle. Thank you! Thank you for making our RVing lives so much happier. We love you!

The Airstream Interior Tour

When people come into our home they usually ask where we got our furniture. I want to show you a few of my favorite things from the beloved store. First up, my favorite. This rolling cart. Not only is it my favorite color, but it rolls perfectly and so much storage without being in the way.

I love you my little blue rolling friend. Thank you for holding my veggies and fruit and random projects so that my counters are not cluttered! Next up in the kitchen, our dropleaf table. It actually extends on both sides but we have no room in here to extend both sides so we usually just pop up one side. It also has 6 deep drawers for storage 3 on each side.

All 4 kids eat at this table and Jon and I will either sit on the couch or stand at the island. We do miss all sitting down together, but we are still all in the same room The only downside to this is the weight.

It's a heavy beast for an RV but a table is a must and we do love it and we are glad we have it. Also in the kitchen, we have installed these great rail system.Living an in alternative home might not be for everyone, but for Natasha Lawyer and Brett Bashaw, renovating and living in a foot Airstream Sovereign has only brought them closer no, really, they share square feet.

We loved the alternative way of living, and as our trip started winding down, we began talking about how we could live differently when we returned home. Eventually we sold our van through our Instagram account, bought a tow vehicle for our pending Airstream purchase, and headed back to Seattle.

We purchased a gutted Airstream in Portland on the way home and started work on it in February of this year. I hope you enjoy this makeover as much as we do. Photography by Natasha Lawyer. A couple of questions: When you work with framing a new wall into the trailer say one of the side walls of the bathroomdo you work with slip joints between the trailer and wall framing to allow for movement?

Did you find any books extremely handy during your project? A trailer wiring and plumbing hand book? A zen guide to trailer maintenance? This is gorgeous and so inspiring. Did you document any of your projects on the Airforums? Many thanks and happy living!

Oh, your trailer is lovely. The most amazing part of this is: you can grow tomatos in Seattle?? I feel my role in life now is to support the farmers markets.

15 Stunning Airstream Trailer Hacks Remodel Makeover Ideas

What rules and regulations determine where you can park and live in a trailer in Seattle? Is it hard to find a place? What was your experience? An Awesome finish to a brand new beginning.

What a wonderful and cozy home youve designed. Im totally impressed. Im a professional artist and have a client that wants a commissioned piece of art from me to put on the walls of his new Airstream. I was wondering if you had any wall art and how you hung it. The curves in the walls would seem to be a challenge to me. I dont think anyone sells curved canvases, is my problem.

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Thank you and good luck in your new endeavors. May they be as successful as this one. Barbara Lemley. Did scrubbing, painting and priming do the trick. Was there much calking ,resealing or pulling out of mouse dropping infested insulation.

It looks just beautiful. I was wondering what material you used for the ceiling.

My Houzz: New Life and Style for a 1976 Airstream

The ceiling is sagging and not able to stretch the material back in place. Any help would be appreciated. Toggle navigation. EN SP. We had been looking for a foot s airstream that was already gutted since we wanted to start from scratch and it would save time not to have to rip everything out.

airstream ikea

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